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In 1993, I backpacked through Africa with my best friend. The vastness of the continent, the rigor of our social conditioning made for an exciting and adventurous journey, but it wasn’t until I fell in love with a nomadic pastoral warrior that life as I had known it changed unalterably. The strength of his impression on me as well as that of his village still holds. After twenty-five years gestating, and eight years writing I published my memoir, Keepers of The Story.

This book is 100% sustainable, earth-friendly beautifully-crafted tribute of my love for traditional peoples and their hard-earned universal wisdom. It is also a tribute to the trees and their gift of paper, which we must choose to recycle. When as authors and publishers we do, up to 5 million trees will be preserved each year.

So, plant trees, pressure your favorite authors to choose sustainability, and seek books printed on recycled paper. It is still the more sustainable choice over digital devices.

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