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"Having my chart read by Micah was profoundly moving and extremely helpful in my ongoing quest for self-discovery and betterment.  She is a teacher at heart, and took the time not only to explain the results of the reading, but also how to read a chart so that I could practice on my own.  She is gifted at delivering the exciting and difficult-to-hear information, and both are done in a loving, caring, and connected way.  Her reading and explanation has helped shape the way I look at my life and has given me direction and guidance on how to move forward.  So blessed to have had the experience! " 
Leah B.


"Micah is one of those rare complex human beings who constantly pushes against the presumptions of the status quo and forages into the frontiers of the human condition. Buckle up pilgrims . . . you're in for no ordinary ride!"
Doug M.


"If any other nutritional teacher had suggested to me during a cleanse class that I pour hot sauce in my eyeball (cayenne eye rinse), they would have permanently disqualified themselves as a credible source of information. But I trusted Micah completely, so I did what she suggested and have felt changes in my body that I have tried a million different ways to accomplish! Thank you!"
Heather F.


"Micah has guided me and my family through dietary changes and two different cleanses. Her expertise coupled with her deep caring made it easy for us to reach our goals. As a result, I have more energy than I have had in years. Micah is a true healer, and I feel blessed to have found her."
Judy M.


"Micah is a natural teacher and is wise beyond her years.  Her depth of spirit is beautiful to experience.  Her teaching style engages the hearts and minds of her students and is filled with poignancy, humor and sage advice.  I am a physiologist in my sixties and have been one of her students for several years.  Even though I have been on a path of inner growth all my life, I continue to learn valuable lessons from her.  She is a thoughtful, delightful woman with a lot to teach." 
Paul B. 


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