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Consultations and Pricing:

All consultations are based on an hourly rate of $125/per hour, though some will require more or less time and will be prorated accordingly. Astrology, Ayurveda and General consultations can be done in-person, by phone, or on Skype/Facetime.

Astrology Reading Individual — Micah is particularly gifted at assessing the most dynamic tension in her client’s chart as well as teaching how to integrate and heal the disparate aspects of our personalities through specific practices. She can also teach the basics of reading one’s own chart where there is interest. 90 Minutes

Astrology Reading Couple — Often learning about our intimate partners through astrology helps us to understand one another’s strengths, tendencies, and even destinies so we may engage in healthier and freer relationships of mutual respect and adoration. 180 Minutes

Ayurvedic Consultation — Learn about your individual constitution and how to eat a whole foods diet in accordance with the intelligence of the seasons and mother nature. By detoxifying and tonifying the body simultaneously, a state of equilibrium is restored and our body’s natural vitality returns. 180 Minutes

General Consultation — Micah regularly consults individuals on topics as varied as personal matters in relationship to building businesses and communities of integrity. 60 Minutes or 90 Minutes available. 

General Editing — Because Micah is refining her craft as a writer, much of her enthusiasm involves words and the art of authentic expression. Whether you need help with an essay, personal website content or a manuscript, Micah’s talent lies in helping you express intentions uniquely and clearly. Pricing dependent on number of pages and scope of work.

Wedding/ Funeral/Birth Officiation — For those seeking a more holistic, more personal, less religious way of honoring life’s major transitions, Micah is skilled at creating ceremonial context and facilitating our sacred passages.

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