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From a young age, Micah has been fascinated by the merging of the physical, tangible world with that of the metaphysical. This curiosity led her to study many of the world’s most powerful healing arts because of their ability to support evolution and self-knowledge. Micah believes self-knowledge will lead us to greater joy and a desire for contribution, as well as balanced manifestation. From this cultivated self-awareness we are more powerful and capable to co-create our lives through healthy, conscious relationship with the planet and her beings.

Micah co-owns Vital (formerly Vital Yoga), www.vitalbowspring.com, a center for mind-body health, since 1999 with her sister Desi Springer. At Vital an emergent postural practice called the Bowspring is currently taught. Micah has taken a recent sabbatical from teaching to pursue writing, contemplative studies and independent consultation. She recently completed her memoir titled The Keepers of the Story about a backpacking journey to Africa twenty-three years ago, and her love affair with a nomadic warrior and his people. Today she remains in contact with the family and assists them monthly — drought and climate change have greatly impacted the lives of nomads, whose intimate relationship with the earth, once lost, tragically affects our collective awareness and memory. She believes her time with the village elders informs much of her inherited wisdom which she shares with clients through various consulting modalities.

Culling the essence from wisdom traditions including Tantric Philosophy, Ayurveda, Shamanism and Sufism, Micah is inspired to help others on their spiritual journey to deeper self-knowledge, in order to restore balance, and cultivate greater joy, both personally and globally. When we understand that the age of materialism has drawn near its end, and that each individual has within us the capacity for enlightened choices, which empower rather than enslave, consciousness will indeed shift and we can live again celebrating the earth and one another.

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