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Decision: Unplug

There is a saying that the moment we are born we begin to die, which is technically true, though a bit uninspiring, if not morbid. Well, I feel the moment I became savvy enough to have a website, a blog, a welcome to the 21st century digital presence, I decided to take a self-imposed, ten day hiatus from all technology. I feel backwards. We are so plugged in that we dream about no one being able to contact us, a digital version of drawing the shades and dimming the lights. Disappear! 

My disappearance act begins on Monday, March 28th at 5am. I would like to support you all in doing the same but until I’ve been successful, and also haven’t lost all friends, family members, become single again, the advice is premature. But, I will let you in on my little secret, show you the plan, so to speak. 

I am checking into the Micah Spa where anything goes that assists one in attaining physical, mental, or spiritual health, for myself or our planet…all else…OUT! Each day I will wake early, give myself about 90 minutes for my Ayurvedic practices for physical well-being, make healthy meals, do turmeric face masks, avocado hair masks, make a juice, take long walks, if not hikes, (done sparingly because of car time) write, including my blog updates (which I will attempt to do by hand and post only after the sequestering), practice the Bowspring, nap, read poetry, wait excitedly for the mail, meditate, howl at the moon…you get the picture. Some of you live this way, and while I have prioritized my health and wellness, I have yet to combine my rituals with a device-free zone. 

Soon, we will have signs posted at airports: Device Free Zone -- for those who would like to remember what eyes actually look like…

I am very anxious about this ten days. How crazy will I go, uprooted from my community, my teaching identity, the feedback loop that makes me slightly narcissistic. My one affirming thought: thank goodness I never made Facebook a habit! Otherwise I would have to check myself into a device withdrawal clinic, which by the way, we now call Vipassana Meditation Retreats, with only a few drawbacks including no avocado hair masks.

Stay tuned. I’ll document recipes and strategies for helping you do something similar, even if you must check into a nearby hotel to do so.

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