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Evolution Hurts

As Lee and I were hiking he was filling me in on a few Prince facts. I definitely had a crush on Prince in the 80’s; Darling Nikki shocked me into sexuality and like so many, committed every lyric on Purple Rain to memory, but somehow stopped listening to Prince. It was not personal…I began traveling and found music in other languages, rhythms, etc. Still, I did not know much about him and I think he liked it this way, the elusive, mysterious environment he cultivated and stoked helped foster his iconic image. 

Anyway, as Lee spoke, I was inventing Prince’s astrology chart in my head and even said aloud, “With all this desire to be original, he has to have prominent placements in Aquarius, 11th house…” to which Lee, not really interested in my astro speak, never responded. (Assuming my boyfriend reads my blog… this is not a complaint, merely a casual observation.) ;-)

I looked up Prince’s chart when we got home.There it was, moon in Aquarius, conjunct Chiron in the 11th! These are the envelope pushers, the visionaries who cause massive shifts in the collective weave of consciousness so we as expressions of that consciousness will never be the same, musicians and appreciators alike. Watch Prince's placement in action here: 


One little plug about astrology: what is available in our chart is for the ego to finally embrace the soul’s evolutionary path. We now have a choice to facilitate the path of evolution which creates ease and even genius, or to resist it, which furthers suffering and frustration. Prince’s very soul had to initially feel the wound of not belonging, embrace it and then push for originality despite the old desire to be accepted. And we all benefit as a result of his devotion.

Earth Day, April 22nd www.globalbowspring.com was launched. Yahoo! The Bowspring is the controversial postural innovation and collaboration between my sister Desi Springer and John Friend. I intimately observed how the inner push to follow one’s truth becomes essential, despite the fear of backlash and criticism and I applaud their devotion despite the many years of hardship. Where we often fall out of society’s grace, we land in a more lasting grace, that of inner truth and even divinity. 

Our visionaries have their work cut out for them existing primarily on the margins, which is why so many combat chronic depression. I am grateful to any union of body-mind-spirit which can act as a salve for the pain of being a trailblazer, whether the salve comes through our art, music, or our movement. 

For more information about your evolutionary path as seen via astrology, contact me for a reading. I feel honored to understand this language, another window into the soul which when ignited through our consciousness, raises us all.

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