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Kumbaya Means Come Together

I realize some of you believed when I stopped teaching at Vital that I would abandon my Bowspring practice—typically this is exactly what happens, a teacher leaves and we no longer see them, sadly. Not for me, I cannot imagine not having a studio, a community of friends, both of which encourage this essential facet of my life. Of course I have a home practice, but the studio atmosphere offers me an inspiration beyond that which I can foster alone. To move and breathe, to knit together the disparate aspects of ourselves while in each other’s presence, is a lovely and unique gift we can offer.

On Sunday I took Dana’s class, one of Vital’s many gifted instructors, and once again fell into the ecstasy of mind body relationship. I have cultivated this relationship for over twenty years, and like anything we cultivate, it is rather easy to be fed from the foundation—as healthy soil grows better tasting vegetables, which when composted, contribute to even healthier soil. I touch my hands and feet to my mat and my mind disappears to merge with the infinite, leaving me aware of the raw beauty of sensation, which draws my mind back into my body, now with the residue and knowledge of something greater. The cycle repeats. It brings me to tears it is so magical.

Although I was always an active person, competing in various sports since I was twelve, there has never been anything like yoga for me, and now the Bowspring with its natural alignment of the spine supersedes even it. I think it has everything to do with breath and the love of being embodied. There is something sacred within this practice—many have tried to explain it, but the experience alone of union; of breath and body; mind surrendered to its real talent for connection, beyond thinking, a tapping into mystery, is the reason we call it spiritual. It encourages us to explore realms we cannot understand via mind alone.

Why did I write this? Merely to rejoice with you, especially those lovers of the Bowspring. Isn’t it so incredible? Can you believe how fluid and strong we feel? I am now more grateful to Desi and John, because of the impossible sitting required of an aspiring full-time writer, than I was before. My mat remains on the living room floor and when the timer goes off every ninety minutes, I indulge in a ten minute Crouching Cat celebration. A few weeks ago I practiced to every Prince song I could find. Riveting!

I also wrote this to encourage those of you without a body mind practice to find one. Now! Today! Stop with the endless excuses. It will change you and once those changes have taken hold, there is no going back to your former version of self. If you feel compelled, share your practice/s which help you stay hopeful in this often maddening world and encourage you to become who you are meant to be. Thank you for your commitment to self-enhancing, life-affirming ways of being. I know the initial steps were not easy but look around—there are many of us now on this path, holding virtual hands and singing Kumbaya…or some such sappy invocation. Just remember: It is better than being mean and miserable. Join in!





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