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One Orlando Life

It overwhelms me to consider what exists in one human life, the choices, the circumstances, the other beings through relationship, whether lengthy or brief the life impacts, or is judged by, the immense creativity and equally immense suffering. 

This type musing is the nearest I come to glimpsing the experiential meaning of infinity, or eternity, our connection and the ever evolving spiraling ladder of DNA.

One life is born to parents who love it, or to addicts and depravity, in a stable country or war torn time, near the sea, the green mountains, the inner city, or the busy farm; one learns to read and write or not, speaks another language or doesn’t speak at all, goes to school or is not able, walks and runs, or is limited physically, likes certain foods, dislikes others; one life has a boyfriend, a girlfriend, likes both sexes or never does; one life chooses a single God, many Goddesses or none and spends time contemplating spirit or does not value it, hides from everything, or seeks growth, loves nature, watches television, travels or never leaves the house it was born into; one life votes and campaigns, one delivers packages and limps; one creates, the other makes space; one breaks the cycle of abuse, the other spends its life in prison; one life is social and gregarious, another is contemplative and withdrawn, reads mystery novels or economics papers, believes in pharmaceuticals or grows its healing herbs, gardens, swims, skateboards and dances, tells good stories to many friends, or says a few mind-blowing words; one offers help to their community, one needs help; one practices breathing techniques, another runs for its life; one loves hard work, another has never had dirty hands or callouses; one life loves dogs, takes them for walks or over feeds them, another loves cats and birds, only eats vegetables; one hunts with a bow and arrow for its meat, the other relocates spiders; one cannot wait to be married, the other marries the divine; one life designs computer programs, another never owns a phone, talks to the neighbors only when passing by, another monitors a social media account and Skypes overseas; one will die young and take care of their body, the other will live into their 100s and shoot heroin; one loves heavy metal music and picnics, another dances the rhumba and drinks gin; one drives fast, another refuses to drive, one saves the earth, the other lives on cloud nine, one sings, the other cannot open its mouth for fear of what may come out; one’s ancestors come from Cuba, another will never know its people; one paints, another writes, or designs urban landscapes while listening to NPR; one steals, the other takes your breath away; one likes chocolate, the other vanilla, still another has never had either and doesn’t miss it; one life is held, another aches with the desire; one lies and feels nothing, the other tells the absolute truth and feels shame; one sunbathes nude, the other never shows skin; one loves to cook, the other to fetch water from a well, or star gaze and dream into the emptiness we all feel at times; one cries daily because of beauty, or has no more tears because of trauma; one life makes a lot of money and finds happiness, another makes none and still finds it; one makes none and believes it is why it suffers; one helps others, another cannot see beyond themselves; one loves to argue and be proven wrong, another does not have enough worth to support an original thought; one likes to complain, the other to listen; one likes this tale, another is deaf and blind…on and on and on.

Does life know it already belongs merely by being here, it is loved, it matters, and if it does know, does that matter, will life make better choices? Just in case it does matter, no matter which harmless choices life makes, we should let life know and stop withholding love because of our… fear.

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