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Serve The Moment

I used to partition my time between serving and not serving, but lately it feels critical to be in service to something always: the planet, a dream, the wild, a friend or family member, my creativity, a community, my cats, the birds and bees, my man, neighbors, etc. From the moment I wake until I go to sleep I wish to serve. I have boldly stated out loud to be used up, talents engaged, forced to grow; let me leave this world better than I found it, and when it finally is my time to relinquish my body, I wish to burn with passion, down to ashes, fully spent. 

I used to be a conservationist, even in my practice, pacing myself so I would be sure to make it through, but now it feels better to bore full steam ahead, giving everything to my body-mind as well as those around me, into even the end assimilation pose.

The only way to do this and not become overwhelmed is to remain present, to call our minds to attention and serve the moment. The wisdom I have derived from this simple intention is incredible, answers reveal themselves effortlessly and each situation is gauged moment by moment. It is deeply, deliciously, satisfying.

When we ask the powers that be to use us up, we garner self-confidence because we are admitting that we have something worth using, inherent gifts in which we can be of service. Many of us are seeking our true purpose and I have a solution: serve the moment. I know this sounds flippant but it is the notion behind sadhana or spiritual pursuit and it compels the universe to put a little (or sometimes a lot) more on our plates. Suddenly we are no longer seeking purpose because we no longer have idle time, and this does not mean we are living perpetually out of balance, either. Remember it is about serving the moment well; sometimes the moment needs peace and quiet so we serve it by silence, by rest.

I thought once I took my sabbatical from teaching that I might become bored with all my new freedom. Not at all, I am even busier. The world is discovering my few but useful gifts and sending me plenty of opportunity to feel content in that my time here matters. 

Each moment wishes to dance with the light in us and we allow for this essential exchange when we acknowledge we actually know the steps. 


Here are a few simple ways we can serve:


Smile at a stranger

Walk your neighbors lonely dog

Listen to anything

While driving let someone merge

Buy the yogurt in the glass container rather than plastic

Put a bowl of water out for wildlife

Belly breathe until you have an epiphany

Make someone laugh belly laugh







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