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Odds Are, You're Constipated

This fall I want to entice more non-cleansers, people who feel disconnected from their bodies, to Vital’s Fall Ayurvedic Cleanse. It’s not that I am tired of the regular die-hard group who meets with us twice a year, rain or shine, veggies or brine. But I know when we can affect a greater percentage of the population, we all win. Of course, I still want to encourage anyone to cleanse, but let’s focus on those lovely people in our lives who have expressed interest in feeling better, learning more about their body’s constitution, and are seeking basic, natural, affordable practices for health and healing.

Last year I fell off my chair when my father signed up, his own volition. Guess what? He just completed another…by himself, well, with his girlfriend. This man was the least likely candidate for cleansing, until all that changed.

We beings are interconnected, inextricably bound, and are only as evolved in our health as the least healthy amongst us, so introducing someone to the most beginner friendly cleanse is both altruistic and selfish. 

Here are common signs that the body is calling for a gentle detox:


Excess mucous

Weight gain

Water retention

Zero giddy-up

Zero sex drive 


Restless sleep

Bad breath/body odor

Feeling of disconnection

Constipation/Diarrhea (it got your attention)

Following a scrumptious, whole foods diet, specifically for our constitution, will eliminate most symptoms within a week to three. There are also practices I love sharing for anytime of year, excellent for preventing the health of the entire family.

For example, let’s say you were complaining of excess mucous—common as we move into Fall—and were not yet ready to go off all dairy. I would recommend a sea salt/turmeric neti rinse, gargle or both. Turmeric is one of those super roots that has many properties, one of which is anti-inflammatory so the sinus tissues respond well and you’ll breathe better even if you don’t have excess mucous.

It might help to understand that we cleanse to break bad habits in the hopes of adopting new, life-affirming practices. Vital offers the cleanse twice a year. The amount of information and attention you will receive is the reason it continues to be one of Vital’s most popular offerings.

This year it begins on October 1st and runs from 3:30-6:30, for a total of three consecutive Saturday afternoons. If you are brand new to cleansing with us (hope so) the cost is $250. Once you’re in, we offer it twice yearly for repeat offenders at $50. If you are out of town, let’s make a Skype appointment and I’ll send you the materials. www.micahspring.com 

We giggle at ourselves, learn to support better national policy regarding food/water, demystify Ayurveda, eat together, make friends, and finally understand the difference between Pitta and Pita. One thing you should know: This will change your life! In fact I have been teaching the elementals of Ayurveda for several years now…maybe 10, and can proudly claim partial responsibility to the growing number of Ayurvedic practitioners/nutritionists in our area. People get so hooked on the sound intelligence of this system, they go on to refine their understanding and spread this compassionate knowledge to their communities. This delights me. Join us in feeling our best and helping others, too. If all else fails, eat the Kitchari at Vital Root for a week. It’s delicious! Registration coming soon…www.vitalbowspring.com 


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