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Spiritual Arrogance, Who Me?

I have fallen in love with us again. I know it should be impossible. There’s our sham of a political situation, the devastation of the earth and all her species, oppression of women, sex trafficking, ISIS, senseless racially-motivated killings…just about every depraved behavior imaginable and unimaginable. We really have reached the nadir. But somehow, (I do know how and will share) I am in love with humanity. There was a time quite recently my disdain twisted my spine until I could barely breathe without the realization of disgust, the judgment so thick despite my knowing better, I wasn’t sure how I would continue to live amidst it all.

John Friend helped. After a paralyzing class one morning, he managed to alleviate the tiniest bit of tension from my Psoas, and the unraveling began.

Years of repressed grief, both for how we have become, and for my disappointed judgment of us, heaved in alternating sobs of sadness and gratitude—my twenty-four year old cat, Tigre, watched blinking in sage compassion. The pain in my body shook itself free and I allowed each breath to take me deeper into this forgotten well of unconditional love. 

Of course, I am aware this sounds too easy, and maybe for some of you lovers, it is. I know I needed it for a long time. My judgment matched every hopeful interaction because I still enjoyed my friends and family because as far as my direct experience, people were filled with good intention, kind-heartedness. But something tainted the way I felt about the masses, those I can only read about, hear about. So where were these assholes, ruining everything? I deplored those urban legends and their ways in such layered subtlety it sickened me, literally.

So what happened? How could I be sure? What I know is that I had been contemplating my Hologenetic Profile as designed by Richard Rudd’s, Gene Keys. The teaching is so profound, like all good wisdom, it bypasses the intellect and settles in genetic awareness. I don’t dabble. With five planets in Scorpio, when I take on a study it consumes me. I am saying this to try and replicate the path because unless I am the only human who judges humanity, and has made herself ill from it, I know this practice has value.

I wanted to make sure the effects were lasting and not some temporary ignorance-is-bliss-kind-of-thing before I shared. It has now been months I have felt this sweetness, strangers suddenly attractive, humanity illumined. I sense their inherent goodness, sometimes wrenching pain, but compassion broke through and finally drove under the resentment I held. Liberated! As if it weren’t enough, the most beautiful effect of this shift has been the way people/strangers are now with me. I forgot to consider this when I was busy hating us. Now, it’s as if they sense my love for them and respond in the most ridiculous ways: giving me free things, giggling when our eyes meet for no particular reason, telling me secrets, saddling up beside me as though we’ve been friends forever. I don’t even think they’re aware they’re doing it. It feels amazing, like a deepening relationship with the divine through us I did not know was possible. If I can make the leap from dour, humanity-detesting spiritual arrogance, you can as well. Thank you deeply, Richard Rudd, for your work of compassionate genius.

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Visit the website: genekeys.com and let them guide you. I’m here and love to talk about anything Gene Keys, if you like.




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