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African Bushmen and the Mayan Calendar

May 24th, the San Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert have invited us to join them via FB live stream for a ceremony igniting the fire of unity consciousness. Surreal isn’t it? The date coincides with the Mayan calendar and the 9th wave, which is said to be the era of the heart. The intention is to ride the wave of benevolent, collective consciousness, expressing our reverence for all beings, one another, the animals, the green and growing, the sea and swimming, the sky and flying. All beings. These are the events that provide deeper meaning, an awakening to the truth of humanity and our ability to rise.

Will something miraculous happen from the event? I have no idea. Does it matter? Not really. 

Ceremony is critical for us to anchor our intentions to Earth, the realm of the created and manifest. I participate in many such events, including both New and Full Moon ceremony monthly. Ceremony governs my life so that when the hectic sweep of modern living rushes in, I have a center and it remains primarily positive and loving. I believe this centeredness is a result of honoring the art of ritual, which humans have used as long as story. I once heard that the only creations which outlast us, which endure the erosion of time, are our children, and our stories. Some of the original stories ever told are still in existence, weaving themselves into current states of consciousness. The San Bushman hold original DNA and have been called the roots of humanity. I think of them as the original Keepers of The Story, the title of my book, which is still available here until May 21st; https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/282222367/keepers-of-the-story-a-tree-friendly-african-love?ref=nav_search

I hope you’ll consider igniting your heart’s fire with us on May 24th, as well as becoming a Keeper of The Story, supporting this campaign for tree-friendly publishing. There are too many parallels between this event and my memoir to address in a blog post, plus I want readers to have their own interpretation of my story. In fact, that is essential; that we maintain the diversity of our experiences and thinking so we may offer the most innovative solutions to current dilemmas. Together yet differentiated, we are so much more powerful.

Here’s more on the Mayan calendar and the May 24th significance: https://www.disclosurenews.it/en/mayan-calendar-ninth-wave/

If you would like suggestions on ways to create a meaningful ritual, please either message me via FB, or my website. Really, anything that allows your heart to open, a deeper truth to emerge, and a sense of connection with all of life will usher in the 9th wave awareness. A flame is always an invocation to spirit for guidance.

With reverence and anticipation for our best to awaken,


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