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Spirit of Samhain

Blessed Samhain Everyone!

It seems clear, beginning with our powerful New Moon in Scorpio last night that the veil between the manifest and the un-manifest, the living and the dead, is thin today, permeable. This idea that we can have tangible knowledge of our lineage, our ancestry even when intellectually we do not know our people is wonderful. It is my belief they still know us. Our DNA a mighty conduit, or a Mitochondrial Eve as it were, spiraling through.

When I was much younger I thought ancestors were for Native American people only. I know, silly, right? They were the people we heard speaking about ancestors in daily life, revering them, honoring them. So then no wonder the Buffalo herd and Golden Eagle show up to Standing Rock in this poignant time of solidarity, protest and prayer. I believe that is how it works. When we develop a relationship to ancestral reverence, daily, or let’s start with weekly, then our ancestors aid us in our meaningful battles. Animal beings have agreed to communicate for those that have past. Shamans call it medicine because it is essential wisdom they are communicating and as we receive the transmissions, we heal.

So… light a candle, close your eyes and feel blessed for the refinements our early ancestors made which enabled us to walk this Earth, to become part of the solution or part of the problem, alike. And in their honor, make your own refinements for posterity’s sake. 

With practice I am now able to feel my Spanish and Irish ancestors and I have also dreamt of them. I have asked them to use me as the evolution of intentions they began. Let me pick up where they left off and continue to serve life. The relationship as simple as that.

I imagine it is a powerful gathering at Standing Rock today. Blessed be the wisdom traditions and the resources they protect. I am so grateful. And blessed be the animals with their eternal patience, waiting while humans learn to tune our ears to their messages, their medicine. I am so grateful.

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