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Calling All Bridges

The people’s right to organize in peaceful protest is a firm one and should be exercised as often as necessary. It serves a variety of needs, some personal, some collective; the need to experience solidarity, both amongst the protestors as well as those watching, the need to literally move toxic energy, the need to organize vision into something more tangible, to cause the recipient of the protest whether it be a corporation, an organization or an individual to reflect on the unpopularity of their actions, etc. Often peaceful protest in a corrupt world is our only measure of checks and balances. They need to be peaceful to be effective. I prefer silent protests—signs and faces say it all. The anti-Trump protests have served all of these needs evident in the backlash of his supporters. If it truly was ineffective, there would be no reaction.

I do not support violent outbursts, damaging protests, or name calling in general. In order to shift collective consciousness we each much raise our bar. Signs like “We Hate Trump” are less meaningful than “Build Bridges Not Walls,” my personal favorite currently. This one speaks to me not only regarding the border with Mexico, but because we need all bridges in this divisive time. 

In astrology, the asteroid Chiron which orbits approx every 49 years, is called the Wounded Healer. Chiron remains in a particular sign for four years, which ensures that we surround ourselves both by people who have similar wounds, as well as those with different challenges to heal. As with all planetary intentions, this asteroid wants us to evolve; the wounded become a healer, a guide, a bridge to others. Choice and will determine whether we stay stuck in the wound or transmute it and it is never too late.

If you have been abused and are still traumatized by the memory, you are less likely to be understood by those who have no experience with abuse, however someone who has been through it and out the other side is a beacon of hope, of light. They become our teachers, our bridges from the wound to the wholeness. This is why recovered addicts often become the champions for addicts, survivors become the inspiration for anyone in the throes of illness, injury.

Calling All Bridges! I propose we reflect on our wounds, those challenges we have surmounted and have used as hotter fuel for purpose.

One last thought. Women who cannot fathom voting for Trump are mystified by those women that did, and are condemning them with the same feminine-driven judgment that may have caused Trump supporters to align with the masculine, an abusing misogynistic version of the patriarchy, in the first place. And women who were raised by either unfit mothers, or mothers with similar alignment to the masculine, may feel safer, subconsciously, in the arms of Trump. It is deep psychology. The wound will heal more surely once women traumatized by women, are embraced by healthy members of the same gender. Gather your sisters, your daughters, no matter which side of the vote they landed with open arms and hearts. May we natural bridges with sound relationship to the feminine icon count ourselves as both blessed and essential in this climate of transformation. And recognize that though this may not be your particular wound, we all have one, if not several, politics aside.

(As I write this, a falcon perches outside my window; its medicine is to stay focused, stay true to the quest as though your life depends on it.)

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